Factors to consider before purchasing a drawing tablet

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Drawing tablets have got huge recognition and popularity with the digitization of everything. The drawing tablets have helped people to overcome many obstacles such as working without a computer, being easily portable, wireless, etc. also making sure that you purchase a drawing tablet that doesn’t need to computer to function or operate normally. Before purchasing a tablet, keep these factors in mind:

  • Stylus Type: the drawing tablets come with any one of the three types of styluses namely battery-powered, rechargeable, and electromagnetic resonance (EMR). the battery-powered stylus is generally thicker which makes them feel too large for small hands. The rechargeable stylus needs charging just like a laptop or smartphone. The EMR styluses have a frequency system that transfers the power to the pen wirelessly from the tablet. Ensure that the tablet has a comfortable stylus.
  • Controls: most drawing tablets allow the users to use customized buttons on the tablet to perform certain actions. This can be a huge time-saver, as when you need to frequently switch between the tasks. The number of buttons that are programmable and what you assign them to do varies by the tablet.
  • Advanced Features: Many experienced artists want to look for a tablet that has advanced features such as a multi-touch display. This enables the users to scroll down and zoom on the tablet by using their fingers. Tilt sensitivity is another great feature that people consider these days. The tablets that contain these features have a sensor in the stylus that detects the angle of the pen and adjusts its display accordingly so that the users can produce or draw different lines just like they do with pencil and paper.
  • Battery Life: If you are a travel freak then make sure that your drawing tablet has a great battery life of at least 3 to 4 hours. The battery life generally varies based on several factors including how the user is using the tablet, the age of the batter, and also the weather outside.
  • Warranty: When you are spending a great amount of money on the drawing tablet then you would not like to take any chance or risk that it is going to break after a few months. Most of the drawing tablets come with a warranty from the manufacturer right from the beginning of the initial purchase. But the duration of the warranty depends on the brand.

This is all about the key points to be considered before purchasing a drawing tablet.